Orion Springfield Central – Event Cinemas

Posted June 4th, 2015 by MDA Engineers

Event Cinemas Springfield

Construction, which commenced in March 2014, is on schedule for the opening of the Event Cinema at the Orion Springfield Central due at the end of 2015 as part of the Stage 2 expansion.

The Event Cinemas complex will be the largest in the outer western region seating 2000 people, including two Gold Class screens, two V-Max screens, state-of-the-art giant digital screens and digital surround sound.

MDA have been commissioned to provide the Consultancy Services for Hydraulics, Electrical (Form 15 only), Mechanical (Form 15 only) and Fire/Sprinkler. Upon approval MDA commenced the commission advising the Architects on space planning requirements, negotiating with supply authorities as well as the preparation of documentation in accordance with the advised programme. MDA also provided BA Documentation and RPEQ Design Certification.

Event CinemasAdditionally, MDA provided the design of Hydraulic Services in accordance with NCC, AS/NZS: 3500 and Local Authority requirements, along with sanitary and air conditioning drainage; trade waste pre-treatment and drainage to cinema food preparation areas as required by the Local Authority; metering of water services to comply with Local Authority requirements; supply of water, sanitary, natural gas and trade waste points to kitchen area. Connection to the Centre’s Hydrant System and location of Hydrant in accordance with AS2419 was designed along with the connection to the Centre’s Fire Services and locations of Fire Hose Reels in compliance with AS2441.

MDA also provided Sprinkler protection to BCA requirements as well as undertaking a compliance review of Electrical Services Design (lighting only) to verify the designed systems are in compliance with the Building Code of Australia. An undertaking of a compliance review of Mechanical Services Design to verify the designed systems are in compliance with Building Code of Australia was also undertaken by MDA Engineers.

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