MDA Consulting Engineers Achieve Green Star As Built Success

Posted October 8th, 2015 by F8 Media

MDA ESD Division, Green Star Professionals are proud to have achieved the highest “AS Built Rating of Any Education Building in Australia”

The Sir Samuel Griffith Centre Nathan Campus has just been awarded a rating of 85 Green Star As Built Rating Points.

It was possible to Target and achieve all the innovation points for the hydrogen fuel cell system.

The building is one of its kind in the world employing 280Kw PV system on the roof which offsets the building’s Greenhouse Gas emissions by 136%.

This is a remarkable achievement and the Design Team and Griffith University should be very proud.

MDA ESD division controlled the whole process by compiling and formulating all required information and data to achieve this outstanding result.

Put into context – out of all the certified Green Star Education As Built v1 buildings in Australia, it is seen that there are five projects  which have achieved a 6 Green Star As Built Education rating with on average 81 Green Star points:

  • Ausgrid Learning Centre: 81 points Certified Nov 2011,
  • Australian Institute for Management Katitjin Centre: 81 points Certified Nov 2012,
  • Ingkarni Wardli: 79 points Certified in Nov 2012
  • And two anonymous projects: 82 points certified Dec 2014 of which the last project there is no information.

Apart from stock standard Certified 6 Green Star office As Built Projects, overall it has been found that the number of certified As Built 6 Green Star Projects are few and far between. Out of all other rating tools – Healthcare As Built v1, Multi Residential As Built v1, Industrial As Built v1 and Retail Center As Built v1 there are no certified 6 Star As built projects.

Sir Samuel Griffith Centre paves the way for other Education buildings in achieving the same or better As Built results.

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