Bundaberg Food Warehouse Westside Plaza, Bundaberg

Posted December 17th, 2018 by MDA Engineers

Hutchinson Builders had commissioned MDA Consulting Engineers to provide the following services for Bundaberg Food

Warehouse West Plaza.


Mechanical Services


  • Amenities ventilation
  • Service room ventilation as required
  • Bakery cooking hoods and exhaust and makeup systems
  • Butchery Prep exhaust purge system
  • Bulk Store Area ventilation.
  • Smoke management system (Review of existing)


Air conditioning

  • Air conditioning to the main retail area.
  • Air conditioning to office areas and staff rooms.


Electrical Services


  • Tenancy mains from site main switchboard (review for reuse)
  • Tenancy main switchboard and metering.
  • Standby generator for essential services only.
  • Distribution switchboards as required
  • Mechanical Services switchboard
    • Hydraulic Services
  • Power and permanently connected outlets to all building areas



  • Lighting to all internal areas to tenant brief
  • Exit and emergency lighting as required


Communications and Security

  • Incoming supply to the tenancy and distributor
  • Distribution throughout the tenancy and IDF’s
  • Telephone and data services to tenant brief
  • Provide security access control and CCTV systems to tenant brief


Fire Detection and Alarm Services


  • To BCA and existing building requirements


Hydraulic Services


  • Building Hydraulic services in accordance with AS/NZS:3500-1-4 and Local Authorities requirements
  • Sanitary drainage for new fixtures and equipment connecting to existing drainage system provided by previous Coles tenancy fit-out.
  • Drainage provision for condensate discharge from cold cases, refrigeration and air conditioning tundishes
  • Tradewaste drainage to new fixtures and equipment in accordance with local Council Trade Waste policy
  • Water services (cold, hot & warm) to new fixtures as required by relevant Australian Standards.
  • Fire Hydrant system complying with AS2419.1 and local fire brigade requirements.
  • Fire hose reel system complying with AS2441.
  • Roof stormwater drainage to new roof areas only.
  • Relocation of existing grease trap


Fire Sprinkler Services


  • Fire Sprinkler System to the whole tenancy in accordance with AS2118·1 (1999) by modification and extension of existing systems

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