6 Green Star Design Rating for Sir Samuel Griffith Centre

6 Green Star Design Rating Achieved for Sir Samuel Griffith Centre

Posted December 10th, 2012 by MDA Engineers

MDA Consulting Engineers in association with Watpac Construction and Griffith University, are extremely proud to announce that we have just been awarded a 6 Green Star Design Rating for the Sir Samuel Griffith Centre at the Nathan Campus.

This building, which will generate its own power supply, is a model for remote communities that are ‘off-grid’ and cannot access power in Australia and across the world. It will also be a pilot for applying this safe, sustainable power supply in urban settings. The building will be powered principally by solar power backed up by hydrogen technology.

In 2012 the University began construction of the Sir Samuel Griffith building on the Nathan campus. This 6 Star Green Star building will be completed in June 2013 and will be a remarkably innovative building by any standard, reflecting one of the University’s strengths as an institution committed to resolving the issues of the contemporary world. It integrates business, engineering and environmental science disciplines around the concept of sustainability.

MDA Consulting Engineers were engaged as Green Star Accredited Professionals to deliver a successful Green Star outcome for a Design and As Built Education rating for Sir Samuel Griffith Centre in all the applicable environmental categories. MDA is demonstrating an active involvement in all stages of the project, providing guidance and support by participating in meetings, ESD workshops, promotes and executes the incorporation of Green Star provisions from design through to practical completion of the project, review all documentation for compliance with Green Star and were responsible for the preparation and execution of the Green Star certification submissions.

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